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Posted on 14 August, 2015  in Homeworld Universe


Homeworld (often abbreviated as HW) was the first game produced by Relic Entertainment. Released in 1999, Homeworld received much praise for its innovative, fully 3-dimensional gameplay and engrossing storyline.

It is generally considered to be better than pants.

Homeworld spawned a pseudosequel, Homeworld: Cataclysm, and a sequel, Homeworld 2.


The single player campaign of Homeworld follows the fortunes of the Kushan people. Exiled from their true home Hiigara millenia ago, the Kushan discover an ancient starship buried in the sand of their prison-world Kharak. Inside is a stone etched with a galactic map highlighting a region of space called “home”. Developing an intstellar-capable Mothership from technologies reverse-engineered from the buried wreckage, they depart Kharak for the stars to test their engineering handiwork. In doing so they break an age-old treaty prohibiting the exiles’ use of Hyperspace technology. Their punishment: the destruction of Kharak. With nothing left, the Mothership and remaining Kushan leave Kharak orbit to begin their journey home.